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 Dana -- Buddhist Charity  New window
 Giver, Gift and Recipient No Separation
 Dhammic Socialism  New window
 We are inevitably and inescapably social beings who must live together in a form of society that gives priority to the ways we inter-relate, work together, and help each other solve the problems and dukkha of life. Thus, the principle of right relationship or right inter-relatedness is the heart of such a society -- and this means Socialism, which may differ from the understanding of political scientists and Marxists.
 Discipline and Dhamma-Vinaya  New window
 Dhamma-Vinaya was the Buddha's own name for the religion he founded. Dhamma -- the truth -- is what he discovered and pointed out as advice for all who want to gain release from suffering. Vinaya -- discipline -- is what he formulated as rules, ideals, and standards of behavior for those of his followers who went forth from home life to take up the quest for release in greater earnestness.
 Economics in Buddhism  New window
 To live in this world, wealth is very essential. So everyone has to work for money as society depends on economics. But we should not regard wealth to be like a god. Trying to get wealth through right means is not wrong. Competition can be bad if it is directed by ulterior motives. But it is very helpful and effective concerning success and progress where the motive is good and correct. The man who has no selfish attachment to wealth is able to do a lot of things for society with wealth that was either accumulated by his own effort or inherited.
 Individual and Society  New window
 "How do we contribute to society through the practice of morality? By practicing morality buddhists can grant freedom from fear to the society. Even a cursory glance at many of the societies in the world would show us that they are torn apart by violence and other behaviors harmful to their members. Due to this situation the societies we live in today are engulfed in fear. Several fears always worry everyone in the world. Fear of loss of wealth, fear of loss of life, fear of losing loved ones, and fears of war are few we have to face everyday. All these fears could occur due to the actions of others who do not have morally disciplined behavior. In other words, these fears could arise in a society due to individuals not practicing morality. These fears do not arise in the society due to buddhists who practice morality. By practicing morality an individual grants the freedom from fear to the surrounding society."
 Journal of Buddhist Ethics  New window
 An online academic electronic journal devoted to theoretical and applied issues in Buddhist ethics.
 Journal of Buddhist Ethics  New window
 Journal that promotes the study of Buddhist ethics through the publication of research articles, discussions and critical notes, bulletins, and reviews.
 Karma  New window
 The Law of Karma explained.
 Karma Ghost  New window
 A cartoon about karma that seems to imply a kind of Newton's first law of ethics for every action, there is an equal and complementary response. A Sundance Film Festival winner.
 Lay Morality  New window
 The Buddhist perspective of morality is given in a nutshell in the little Pali verse. "Sabba papassa akaranam - kusalassa upasampada sachitta pariyodapanam - etam buddhanu sasanam" "To keep away from all evil, cultivate good, and purify one’s mind is the advice of all Buddhas."

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