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 Symbols  New window
 Intends to bring together various traditions from all over the world to focus on key symbols both ancient and more recent in order to approach their common origin.
 Symbols.Com - Western Signs and Ideograms  New window
 A large collection of symbols and signs found in Western Culture and esoteric schools of thought.
 The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet  New window
 An in-depth look at our modern alphabet and it's relation to Esotericism.
 The Eye of Horus Synbol of Ancient Egypt  New window
 The esoteric Eye of Horus religious symbol of ancient Egyptian religion was inspired by the "Eye of God" and winged sun disk that are manifested during total solar eclipses.
 The Mystica: Sigils  New window
 Brief article on sigils.
 The Ouroboros - A Personal Symbology  New window
 Read an essay about the symbolism of the Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail. View accompanying images of this ancient symbol.
 The Power of the Swastika  New window
 About the swastika and its relationship to Wodhanaz, the Great Goddess, and the Indian god Ganesha, and how the swastika can be used in combination with psychoactive mushrooms for shamanic purposes.
 Truetype Fonts  New window
 Truetype fonts of ancient alphabets and mythic symbols, including Ogham and Runic scripts.
 Truth About Magic Alphabets  New window
 The history and meaning of magic alphabets.
 Truth About Pentagrams  New window
 Drawing pentagrams in magic rituals.

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