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 A Structuralist Analysis of Puerto Rican Santeria  New window
 Anthropological analysis by Lily Diaz of Kardekian Spiritualism (La Mesa Blanca), and Santeria as practiced by Puerto Ricans.
 African New World Soap Making Recipes for the Spiritual Bath  New window
 Recipes for home-crafting herbal soaps for use in rituals dedicated to the Orishas.
 Alafia Net  New window
 Descriptions of various aspects of Orisha worship: Warriors, Ilekes, Ikofa/Awofaka (initiation to Orunmila), and answers to readers questions on "Who is my crowning Orisha?".
 At the Crossroads  New window
 An exhibit of Afro-Cuban Orisha arts in Miami, Florida, presented by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, includes historical articles, beadwork, implements, and paintings by orisha artists.
 Bata Drums  New window
 These sacred, double-headed drums from the Yoruba culture, were brought to Cuba and are now played in the U.S. Information on the drums, songs, rhythms, dances, religion, history, and culture surrounding bata drumming.
 Beads and Warriors  New window
 A short explanation by Ewetuga Atare of the significance of receiving ritual bead necklaces (collares, ilekes), warriors, and initiation in La Regla de Ocha.
 Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye  New window
 English and Spanish site for Santeria / Lukumi / Orisha/ Regla de Ocha / Yoruba / Cuban religion. CLBA was the first church of its kind in the U.S. and was responsible for the recognition of Santeria as decided by the June 1993 unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye vs. City of Hialeah.
 Church of the Seven African Powers  New window
 Guidance for those who seek spiritual light through the Mysteries of African deities. Includes pages on most of the principal Orishas.
 Dictionary of Afro-Caribbean Deities  New window
 Seven major Orishas from the Yoruba pantheon described.
 Ebo Okokan, Offerings from the Heart  New window
 A cultural history of the four major Afro-Cuban religious musical divisions - Yoruba, Abakua, Arara and Kongo drumming, within the pages of Afro-Cuban drum and dance ensemble Ebo Okokán, based in California.

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