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 Bhikkhuni-samyutta  New window
 Discourses of the Ancient Nuns.
 Buddhist Women  New window
 An account of some famous women who figure promi- nently in the early Buddhist texts is given. Women were not a negligible factor in the ancient Buddhist community of India.
 Buddhist Women at the Time of The Buddha  New window
 A collection of stories.
 Chinese Bhiksunis in the Ch'an Tradition  New window
 The spirit of essential Mahayana Buddhist doctrines assumes equality between male and female, although in the mundane world the position of Buddhist women is lower than that of Buddhist men. The Chinese Ch'an Buddhist tradition, following the egalitarian teaching of One-Mind of enlightenment, advocates non-discriminating, universal Buddhahood accessible to every sentient being, whether male or female. Nevertheless, women's status and spiritual capacities have not been upheld as highly in Buddhist history as they have by the Chinese Ch'an School.
 Man and Woman in the Teachings of the Buddha  New window
 According to the teachings of the Buddha, there exists no practical difference between the sexes. Man and woman are equal in their dependence upon each other and in their clinging which must be overcome (Angutara-Nikaya I,1). Man and woman are equal in the rights and duties of their partnership, as the Buddha described it for lay followers in the famous sermon to Singalako (Digha-nikayaNo.31). In particular, adultery is as unwholesome for men as it is for women. The third precept (sila) is the same whether one is a man or a women. By Dr. Hellmuth Hecker.
 Sakyadhita International - The International Association of Buddhist Women  New window
 "Sakyadhita" means "Daughters of the Buddha." Its objectives include creating a network of communications for Buddhist women throughout the world, educating women as teachers of Buddhadharma, providing improved facilities for women to study and practice the teachings
 Sky Dancer - Buddhism for feminists  New window
 This is a web site dedicated to feminist interpretations of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Includes articles, essays and a bibliography.
 The Place of Women in Buddhism  New window
 Covers: "The Pre-Buddhist Position of Women", "Women and the Buddha's Path", "The Secular Position of Women", "The Order of Bhikkhunis" and "Role of Women in Early Buddhism".
 Women's Early Eastern Spirituality  New window
 Survey of early women masters in Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto and Zen: includes excerpted texts, poetry, Eastern fine art illustrations
 Zen, Women, and Buddhism  New window
 Articles and links to other pages about female Buddhists and Buddhism from the female perspective.

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