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 Adittapariyaya Sutta  New window
 The Fire Sermon.
 Ananda Sutta  New window
 To Ananda (on Mindfulness of Breathing).
 Anapanasati Sutra  New window
 Discourse on the mindfulness of breathing
 Anapanasati Sutta  New window
 Sutra on mindfulness of breathing.
 Anattalakkhana Sutta  New window
 The discourse on the not-self characteristic.
 Anattalakkhana Sutta  New window
 The Sermon on the Not-Self Characteristic.
 Bhikkuni Samyutta Suttas  New window
 10 suttas about Mara, the personification of doubt and evil, trying in vain to lure the bhikkhunis (nuns) away from their meditation spots in the forest by asking them provocative questions.
 Bhumija Sutta  New window
 The discourse to Bhumija.
 Bodhisattva Kishitigarbha Vow Sutra  New window
 Transalation presented in the form of a seemingly mythic dialogue between the Buddha and Kishitigarbha. Includes historical introduction, the text and a glossary.
 Buddha's First Sermon  New window
 A reconstruction of Buddha's first sermon. Composed at least several centuries after Siddhartha Gautama's death, contains the essence of what the Buddha taught his earliest disciples.

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