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 Christian Faith - Does God Exist?  New window
 A brief summary of the most powerful arguments in favor of the existence of a personal Creator God.
 Does God Exist?  New window
 Bimonthly online journal that provides scientific evidence for God's existence. Site also includes lecture schedules, children's story, and contact information for free study resources.
 Does God Exist?  New window
 Evidence for God's existence from the approaches of human experience, simple illustrations, science, dialogues, and philosophy.
 Evidence For God  New window
 Scientific and philosophical evidence and arguments for the existence of God.
 Evidence for the Existence of God  New window
 A look at some metaphysical, historical, and experiential curiosities that imply the existence of an intelligent creator.
 Evidence of God  New window
 Evidence from archaeology, numerology, prophecy, testimonials, and exorcism.
 Evidence of God  New window
 Strong Basis to Believe Ministries provides this source for answers about Christianity and scientific issues.
 Existence of God  New window
 Presents arguments for the existence of God from the philosophy of religion. Includes simple explanations of the ontological argument, the first cause argument, the argument from design and the moral argument.
 God and the Greatest Minds  New window
 Shows that brilliance is not synonymous with atheism or agnosticism. Information on book by Michael Caputo as well as an online document, forums, and bibliography.
 God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why  New window
 Book-length e-text by Peter Soszek.

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