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 CentreOfFriends  New window
 Membership in CentreOfFriends is open to all. Prior exposure to esoteric ideas is desirable, but not a requirement. This group was initially formed with a partial aim to more thoroughly explore Fourth Way ideas with those of other disciplines, ways, methods or paths. Along with our wish to realize our personal goals, there is the expectation of verifying certain core truths believed to exist amongst all great practices. Our aim is understanding ourselves, first, and then others, while illuminated by a common light. Membership required.
 FederationforIndependentStudy  New window
 The Federation for the Independent Study of the Harmonious Development of Man is an organization founded by a student of the Gurdjieff tradition who has been studying for 28 years. It is authorized by and supported by his teacher, one of the last living students of G.I. Gurdjieff. Its mission is to provide resources and a forum for those independent students and groups of G.I. Gurdjieff who wish to pursue their search in their own specific or unusual way. The Federation encourages all individuals experienced with the work to found their own groups, teaching their own special skill, with the aim of spreading the understanding gathered by Mr. Gurdjieff and his many students into a world in desperate need of such help. Membership required.
 FourthWaySystem  New window
 Views from the Fourth Way. Membership required.
 FourthwayWork  New window
 Focussed on the teaching of Gurdjieff which is also referred to as "The Fourth Way" or "The Work". Those who are relatively unfamiliar with these ideas are welcome as are those with experience. Membership required.
 Fourth_Way_Christians  New window
 A group for people who believe that Jesus is God, and who also are interested in the Fourth Way and the enneagram. Membership required.
 grimms_work  New window
 Some interpretations of the settings, themes, images, symbols, actions, and so on from folktales and how they may relate to Fourth Way, or Work, ideas, practices, and goals. Public group.
 Gurdjieff Forum: 50 Years Later, an Ongoing Conversation about The Fourth Way  New window
 Moderated Gurdjieff discussion forum. The Gurdjieff Forum is a moderated mail list devoted to the discussion and presentation of the ideas of G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky and their descendants.
 Iwish2be  New window
 The aim of this list is to give whomever is sent this way the opportunity to create something for themselves that will help them to see more clearly what it is they need to work on. This is open to anyone who is attracted to the Work synthesized for westerners by Gurdjieff. This is not a group or a school. Like anything else it is an opportunity. Membership required.
 Parthenon_Agora  New window
 A group for those who look for a way, an aim, truth in life. It is first basics of self-knowledge. Public group.
 StillPoint  New window
 Forum for the discussion of the Fourth Way in theory and practice, exploring the teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and their circle: Collin, Bennett, Nicoll, Mouravieff, and others. Membership required.

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