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 A brief guide to Islamic Sects  New window
 This site contains brief information about various sects of islam, including: baha'i, alawis, bohra, shia, ahmadiyyah, zayidis, yazidis, ibadites.
 Finality Of Prophethood  New window
 "Allah Sub'haanahu wa Ta’aala has completed the chain of prophethood by sending the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He is the last and final prophet and no prophet will be born after him. The religion, Islaam, has been completed. There is no need for another messenger from Allah Sub’haanahu wa Ta’aala." is the jist of this site.
 Imaam-e-Aazam Abu Haneefah  New window
 "He learned ilm-ul-fiqh from Hammaad ibn Abi Sulaiman. He enjoyed the companionship of many notables of the Tabiin, and of Imaam Jafar as-Saadiq. He memorized innumerable hadiths. He was brought up so as to become a great judge, but he became an imaam-ul-madh'hab. He had a superior, and amazingly keen intellect. In ilm-ul-fiqh, he attained an unequalled grade in a short time. His name and fame became world-wide..." Is about the man this site presents in great details.
 Isa Islam: The Muslim's Messiah  New window
 Isa Islam balances belief in Isa (Jesus) with the religion of Islam. Allah has provided every Muslim and Christian salvation from hell through the Messiah's blood sacrifice.
 islam: the promised mehdi  New window
 The advent of Imam Mehdi is an important concept in Islam. This site describes the advent of the Promised Mehdi in India, his life and teachings.
 Islamic Propagation Center  New window
 IPC was founded as a first step towards explaining Islam to Western people and the new generation of Moslem communities. Islamic books, calligraphy, and pictures.
 Knowing ALLAH - Understanding ISLAM  New window
 Knowing ALLAH is the base of ISLAM. Start here with reading Modern Books of Enlightenment written for our times to understand the Essence of the Religion... Welcome to meet the truth! Islamic site  New window is the Islamic site of the new Millenium. Our sites include Minhaj ul Quran International, Pir Tahir Allauddin (R.A.) Homepage, Muslim Youth League Page, & Al Minhaj Online Magazine.
 Memon Online Community  New window
 Portal devoted to the Memon community in the UK with matrimonial pages, a fortnightly magazine, recipes and doctrinal information.  New window
 The Study Groups stated purpose is to promote the religion of Islam, as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Advocating spiritual and moral excellence; drug, alcohol and criminal rehabilitation; educational reform; strong family values; economic self-sufficiency; community pride; and self-improvement.

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