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 A Christian Response to "Embraced by the Light"  New window
 Douglas Groothuis presents a Biblical response to the Mormon/new age teachings of Betty Eadie.
 Blinded by the Light  New window
 An article by Quigg Lawrence, the nephew of "Mr. NDE" George Ritchie.
 CTS Journal  New window
 A review of Richard Abanes' book, "Journey into the Light: Exploring Near-Death Experiences". The reviewer is a professor of theology with Chafer Theological Seminary.
 Death & Future Life  New window
 Examines the Near Death Experience from the vantage point of Orthodox Christianity.
 Dying To Live Critique  New window
 A critique of NDE skeptic Susan Blackmore by Greg Stone, who points out mischaracterizations of religion and science in her work. The article contains her rebuttal and Mr. Stone's counter-rebuttal.
 Embraced by the Light  New window
 Examines the Mormon and new age influence on Betty Eadie's presentation of her alleged NDE.
 Embraced by the Light of Deception  New window
 Critically analyzes the non-Biblical theology of NDE author Betty Eadie.
 Near Death Experiences  New window
 Concentrates on possible physical explanations for NDE experiences.
 Near Death Experiences - Allen M.D.  New window
 A doctor of internal medicine argues that the Near Death Experience is brain-based, and appeals to religious doctrines which deny the existence of an immaterial soul.
 Near-Death Experiences: In or Out of the Body  New window
 A brief article by NDE skeptic, Susan Blackmore.

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