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 Freethought Mecca  New window
 Satirical and serious looks at Islam.
 History of Islam  New window
 An account of the rise and historical development of Islam, written from a Baha'i perspective including emphasis on the Shi'ite lineage from which the Baha'i religion sprang.
 Koran Exposed!  New window
 Alternative interpretation of the Koran, the Holy Book of Muslims. Uses extensive quotations.
 Mypetjawa  New window
 A blog comparing Muslims to Jawas and containing criticism and satire of Islamic traditions and beliefs.
 Reform Islam  New window
 Argues that many reforms are needed to make Islam a humane and modern religion.
 The Prevailing Myth  New window
 Proof of internal inconsistency of Islamic dogma and an estimate of its true nature by an Atheist.
 The Sword of Militant Islam  New window
 Charges that Islam is on the move and is prepared to extinguish any and all civilizations that get in its way.
 Tolerance in Islam  New window
 Paper which attempts to prove that Islam is not a tolerant religion.
 Understanding the Concept of Jihad  New window
 Following the attacks of 11 Sept, this website asserts that Islam teaches violence.

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