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 1734 Tradition  New window
 Based on the teachings, writings and inspiration of Robert Cochrane.
 Draconic Wicca  New window
 Learn about the mythology, magic, and practices of Draconic Wicca.
 Fellowship of Isis  New window
 Honors the Goddess in her many forms; wide variety of information about the FOI and each of its societies: the College of Isis, the Spiral of the Adepti, the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara.
 Flags, Flax, and Fodder: Secrets of 1734 Revealed  New window
 Site of Joeseph Wilson, founder of the 1734 Tradition.
 Greencraft vzw  New window
 Greencraft tradition headquarters, operating in the Atnwerp, Belgium region. Bilingual; lists contact information for various member covens; Wiccan resources.
 Jewitchery  New window
 Combining Judaism and witchcraft; essays, articles, and resources.
 Nehallenic Wicca  New window
 Center for Nehallenic Wicca (a blending of continental Celtic and Norse-Teutonic traditions as symbolized by the goddess Nehallenia) on the Internet. Originates in Philadelphia, PA (USA), with groups in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands
 New Harran Sanctuary  New window
 Temple of the Et Custosi Tutelae, an international magical order based in Sydney (AU). Exploring Technical Mysticism, combined with teachings of the Stella Matutina (Golden Dawn) Whare Ra Lodge (NZ, operational until 1979). Includes information about the Order, their correspondance course and their mission.
 Rainbow Wicca  New window
 Works intimately with the seven planes and the energies manifesting through them that correspond with the colours of the rainbow. Wiccan tradition selector  New window
 An entertainment option, not a tradition.

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