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 The results 1 to 10 from 23 - Many More Past Lives  New window
 Past life experiences relayed in this short article. - Mystery of Past Life Recall  New window
 Article on specific past life recall from different people. - Past Lives of Children  New window
 Article on children recalling past lives.
 Amnesia and Previous Lives  New window
 Explanation for the absence of conscious memories of past lives in most people, by Titas Rivas, M.A. -- The Page from the Past  New window
 Personal story of someone who thinks he has evidence for having been an airpilot in worldwar 1 in a previous life.
 Brian L. Weiss, M.D.  New window
 Yale trained psychotherapist engages the issue of reincarnation in his talks and practice.
 Division of Personality Studies  New window
 University of Virginia Health Sciences Center reports of children who remember previous lives, near-death experiences, apparitions, death bed visions. Ian Stevenson's professional website.
 Doc's Truth Directory - Past Life Experiences  New window
 Author relays one of his past life memories and experiences.
 Evidence for Reincarnation  New window
 List of arguments for reincarnation, recommended reading list, famous people who believed in reincarnation and a list of famous cases as evidence for reincarnation, from the NZ Theosophical Society (Adyar).
 Far Shores - All This and Heaven Too  New window
 An excerpt from All This and Heaven Too: A Study in Past Lives by Carol Brierly M.B., Ch.B, B.S.D., M.I.A.C.T. Published 1996 by The Greater World Christian Association.

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