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 Acknowledge God, America  New window
 Advocates adding an amendment to the US Constitution to acknowledge the Judeo-Christian God.
 America's Christian Heritage  New window
 Recounts God-inspired words and events from American history and advocates a return to Biblical morals and politics.
 America's Christian Heritage Week  New window
 Argues that the United States should be recognized as a Christian nation.
 America's Godly Heritage  New window
 Argues that the wall of separation between church and state is uni-directional, and that America should be "a nation whose laws are self-consciously built on the laws and principles of the Bible."
 American Center for Law and Justice, The  New window
 Law firm founded by Pat Robertson to represent Christians in church-state cases.
 Biblical Theocracy  New window
 A book which presents theocracy as a biblically sound form of Christian politics. Distinguishes between theocracy (the rule of God) and ecclesiocracy (the rule of the church).
 Center for Law and Religious Freedom  New window
 Christian Legal Society group which litigates and advocates in freedom of exercise cases and right-to-life cases. Attorney profiles, current cases and amicus briefs, publications, and commentary on current legislation available.
 Christian Alert Network, The  New window
 TCAN believes that every Christian citizen has a civic responsibility to participate in the governmental process and that history records an inexhaustible amount of evidence that the founding fathers fully intended that federal, state, and local governments be based on Christian principle. Toward that end, they distribute "action alerts" on current public policy issues.
 Christian America Amendment  New window
 Advocates the passage of a constitutional amendment to make America a Christian nation.
 EagleCross Alliance, The  New window
 An organization which helps churches get involved in politics with the goal of bringing about a "Christian America".

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