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 Buddhism and Democracy  New window
 Essay that argues that not only are Buddhism and liberal democracy compatible, but that they are complementary in a deep sense: Democracy is strengthened by values drawn from Buddhist moral and social theory, and Buddhist moral and social theory gains concrete institutional and procedural specificity when it is articulated through the framework of liberal democratic theory.
 Buddhism and Medical Ethics  New window
 A bibliographic introduction.
 Buddhism and Respect for Parents  New window
 Extensive sutra analysis of Buddha's teaching on respecting one's parents.
 Buddhist Economics: Adhering to Ethical Standards  New window
 Economics inspired by Dhamma would be concerned with how economic activities influence the entire process of cause and condition, which will essentially affect the three interconnected spheres of human existence: individual, society and nature or the environment.
 Buddhist Morality  New window
 The basic concepts of Buddhist morality.
 Buddhist Precepts  New window
 An explanation of the Precepts by Robert Aitken Roshi.
 Consequences of Your Actions  New window
 Online Chinese Buddhist tract with simple illustrations of the moral consequences of actions.
 Continuity and Change in the Economic Ethics of Buddhism: Evidence From the History of Buddhism in India, China and Japan  New window
 A paper in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics considering Buddhist values with regard to wealth and economic activity, either within society or within the sangha.
 Criteria for Judging the Unwholesomeness of Actions in the Texts of Theravaada Buddhism  New window
 Journal of Buddhist Ethics paper reviewing the role of ethics on the path in Theravāda texts and discussing the various criteria for distinguishing between gradations of wholesome and unwholesome actions, and considering the question of the relation between precept-taking and the moral worth of actions.
 Cutting the Cat Into One: The Practice of the Bodhisattva Precepts in Zen  New window
 Kai, jo, e. Sila or precepts, samadhi or complete practice, prajna or wisdom. Call them what you will, these are the basis and the ground of healthy practice. They are also the Path itself. And the results? Well, they are also kai, jo, and e.

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