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 Adventures in Ornitheism  New window
 Join Dr Bentley Cooke and his human punch bag companion Austin Rowlands as they make their way along the waterways of Manchester searching for rare birds and practising the strict religious edicts of ultra-violence.
 Alchodise  New window
 The Alchodites believe in helping people and making better people out of those who need it, by way of beer.
 Church of Daler Mehndi  New window
 The Universal Life Church of Daler Mehndi is dedicated to the worship of the Divine Turban of Daler Mehndi. The Church also ordains Priests of the Mehndi and the Turban.
 Church of the Big Plastic Fork  New window
 The official home page of the church of the big plastic fork.
 Cult of Cod  New window
 Covers all the basic needs of any Cultist: Application form, Holey Scriptures, and Inane Babbling. Join today, and take part in the newest wave of Cultist sweeping across the land.
 Danmus Faith  New window
 A religion based on the prophecies of messiah Danmus. They believe that beer is the life blood and sex is the reward.
 First Church of Tiger Woods  New window
 Prayer, history and the "Ten Tiger Commandments." Attempts to answer whether God golfs and whether Tiger Woods is God.
 Kababism  New window
 A belief system centered on kababs. Includes the basic tenets, news, articles, recipes, merchandise, and a picture gallery.
 NOJ- The Temple and Church of NOJ  New window
 "Quick before it's too late,let NOJ into your Heart & Home. (warning: may cause cessation of normal heart function and/or loss of property)"
 Techanism  New window
 The Open Source Meta-Religion.

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